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Hey everyone and welcome to another Ted Talk Tuesday.

Today we’re talking about litigation. Litigation is a process that starts after you file a complaint with the court. Once you file a complaint, you then have to serve it on the defendant. This process usually doesn’t take a long time unless the defendant cannot be found. But an experienced attorney has the resources to find a defendant. Once the defendant is served, they generally have 30 days to answer the complaint. If an answer isn’t filed, then Default Judgment meaning brought against that defendant. However, in most cases, an answer is filed, which begins the next step in litigation. Discovery.

Discovery is arguably the most important part of litigation is where both parties ask a series of questions to the other party and attempt to find the truth and find evidence that can help their case. This is the written discovery, depositions, expert testimony, and more. Once discovery is over, the next step is trial. Most cases don’t make it this book far, but if they do, it’s important to have a trained and experienced trial attorney to fight for you. If any questions about this topic, or any of the topics I’ve discussed, call (888) 6-THE-LAW.