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With the most registered vehicles in the US, California is rife with auto accidents, with victims requiring legal help to protect their claims from being underpaid by big insurance firms trying to cut their costs.

With the use of mobile phones rocketing, drivers are becoming increasingly distracted resulting in more auto accidents, often causing serious injury to those involved. Trucking accidents are the most severe auto accidents due to the sheer weight of the trucks in comparison to cars. As a result, victims of such collisions tend to have far more severe injuries, and death is far more likely.

At Ravan Law, we understand that the physical pain, disability, huge medical bills and loss of wages resulting from a trucking accident can have hugely devastating effects on victims and their families. So while you focus on recovering, allow us to get you the fair amount of compensation you deserve.

Common injuries that can occur after a trucking accidents include neck injuries, hip dislocation and fractures, brain injuries, broken bones and even death. Due to the severity of some of these outcomes, you could be entitled to a huge settlement claim, and we make sure you do.

Beyond trucking accidents, we cover all varieties of auto accidents including motorbike accidents, car accidents as well as assisting pedestrians who have fallen victim of an auto accident.

Get in touch if you’ve recently been in a trucking accident, and we will talk you through the next steps to receiving your full compensation.

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