Dog Bites

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Dog Bites

Dog bites can happen out of the blue with no prior warning, and can result in serious physical and emotional harm. Beyond the painful element of a bite, they can also result in infection and disease that can be potentially life threatening.

At Ravan Law, our skilled personal injury attorneys treat dog bite cases with the careful consideration and seriousness they require. We help our clients who have suffered from dog bites to obtain fair compensation.

When assessing a dog bite case, we take into consideration the dog's history of previous attacks, the specific breed and its inclination to aggression, possible mistreatment by the owner causing such aggressive behavior, and any failure on the owners part to have the appropriate muzzle or leash for their dog to keep them under control.

Our experienced attorneys will review your case and all of the case facts to determine where legal responsibility falls, and from there we will pursue the compensation you deserve.

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