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If you had to guess what the leading cause of death was before the worldwide pandemic, then what would you say?

If you guessed car accidents, then you’d be right!

You’ve likely heard some basic accident advice before. You know to call the police, go to the doctor, and hire a car accident lawyer. These all help with the immediate fallout of the crash. But, do you know how to approach getting compensation?

You might not have considered it before, but it’s important to know the answer. You need to know what documents and evidence to bring to your lawyer. Read on to get informed.

1. The Police Report

When you’re involved in any type of accident, it’s a good idea to call the authorities. After an accident, the police will clear the scene, preserve evidence, and file a report.

This police report will include the names of those involved. It’ll also list who or what police believe caused the crash. You can call your local police department and request a copy of the official police report. Bring this with you when you meet with your attorney.

2. Your Medical Bill

You also need to bring any medical bills you incurred. This includes prescription costs and office visit receipts. These will get considered medical losses when you file your official claim later.

3. Your Medical Diagnosis

Is your injury severe or significant? If so, then it’s a good idea to bring your medical diagnosis and records with you. Thanks to HIPAA laws, you can request these documents with ease.

4. Your Property Damage Estimate

You can also seek compensation for losses in the form of property damage. To prove these losses, you need to get a repair estimate.

Keep in mind that you may need your insurance company’s input with this step. They may want you to go to a specific mechanic.

5. A Letter From Your Employer

Lost wages are another common type of damage you can seek compensation for. To do so, you need a letter from your employer.

It should include your average wages and how much time off of work you’ve lost.

6. Any Evidence You Collected

Did you take photos of the accident? Did you save witness information?

Bring any evidence you collected to your lawyer’s office. It could help secure your claim!

7. Your Insurance Information

Finally, you’ll need to inform your insurance company about your crash. To prevent saying anything that could damage your claim, ask for your lawyer’s input. They’ll help guide you on what to say.

Documents to Bring to Your Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident lawyer can only help you if you provide them with proof. Not only do you need to prove what happened, but you need to quantify your losses, too. In general, the more evidence you secure, the stronger your chances of winning are.

Have you collected all your documentation? Are you ready to reach out to a skilled attorney about your situation? Leave your contact information on our online form now to get in touch today!